Del Mar Real Estate: What Does a Homeowners Association Do?

Del Mar Real Estate: What Does a Homeowners Association Do?

A homeowners association can make a neighborhood a much more desirable place to live, and more than 74.2 million U.S. residents currently live in HOA communities.

HOA living is preferable to many people due to the benefits that come with it. An HOA is made up of community volunteers who take on various responsibilities that benefit the residents. Through HOA meetings, they can determine how to best serve their community.

In this guide, we'll look at the key roles and responsibilities of a homeowners association. Keep reading for more.

Setting Rules and Regulations

Every HOA community has a set of policies that are in place to make it a better place to live for the residents. The HOA board is responsible for establishing and enforcing these policies. They typically relate to things like:

  • Architectural changes to homes
  • Requirements for home maintenance
  • Restrictions for lawn ornaments and holiday decorations
  • Parking rules
  • Noise restrictions
  • The number of people that can reside in a home
  • Restrictions on numbers and types of pets
  • Renting out properties short-term
  • Rules and schedules for trash and recycling

The HOA needs to ensure these policies are followed by all residents, and they must deal with them accordingly if they breach any policies.

Maintaining Common Areas

HOA communities typically have various common areas for residents to use. While everyone is responsible for their own property maintenance, the HOA must keep all common areas in good shape.

For example, if there's a gym, the HOA must make sure all the equipment is safe and the HVAC system is working. They're also responsible for the aesthetics, so they'll organize things like painting and having old windows/doors replaced.

The HOA will keep sidewalks, paths, and entrances clear of debris and clutter. They also oversee landscaping around communal areas. All of this makes the neighborhood more presentable and helps to support property values.

Holding HOA Meetings and Organizing Documentation

The board president must lead meetings in which they discuss agendas and make decisions on behalf of the community. The board secretary maintains the minutes of every meeting and keeps all HOA records organized.

They also keep documents updated and available to community members and are responsible for filing legal documents on time with deadlines. Any member of the community can run for a position on the board when they have elections as long as they meet eligibility requirements.

Investigating Complaints and Mediating

Within a community, there will always be disagreements and conflicts. When these happen, the HOA board needs to investigate to determine the cause of the issue. They'll determine who was at fault and handle the situation accordingly.

This is often something simple like a noise complaint. The HOA will talk to those involved to determine the validity of the complaint. They may then issue a warning or a fine depending on the situation.

Working With an HOA Management Company

HOAs have various responsibilities. These include holding HOA meetings, organizing maintenance, overseeing finances, setting policies, and more. In many cases, this all becomes too much, so many HOAs turn to association management companies for assistance.

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